Have you ever thought of alcohol like this?

I'm getting off of my high horse about this soon, but I just want to ask you why, if you are concerned about your health, ARE YOU DRINKING ALCOHOL?!?


...AND at least 10% was used to fuel up my vehicle the other day....

Just do a quick re-evaluation and then READ THIS BOOK!!!! (I haven't been drinking for 6 years but it still rocked my world!)

Deciding that alcohol no longer served a purpose in my life and that I was going to quit using alcohol was one of the scariest commitments I have ever made to myself.

  • I had to figure out who I was without it

  • I had to work through the trauma that I was blocking out (still working on this one)

  • I had to develop new habits

  • I had to apologize and learn to forgive (still working on this)

  • I had to find new friends (because people don't like hanging out when you're not on their level)

and through it all, I found myself. I started a new career, I started therapy, I'm in control now, my head is clear, I don't wake up with extreme anxiety and a fucking raging hangover....and I'm not ashamed that I have a problem with alcohol because I'm doing something about it.

It was a gut punch to admit to myself because: "drinking culture". So if you need someone to talk to, I TOTALLY GET IT AND PLEASE send me a message if you want to chat about it. No pressure, no judgment, just support.

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