My Clients are crushing it!

I want to take a moment and brag on some of my clients for a moment. There were a few of them that had their "AHA" weeks! You see, I take things slowly with my clients despite so many of them wanting to see quick results. But quick results don’t stick. Habits aren’t formed quickly, they are formed by repetition. So when this new client told me a) he wanted to do Keto because he heard it was the quickest way to lose weight and b) he wanted to start with 3 months to "SEE IF HE COULD MAKE CHANGES". I knew I was in for a challenge. BUT, he’s a Marine and he works for Apple (and was an INTEGRAL part of launching all of the new product with this past April Apple Event) so I knew I was working with a different caliber of person and WHOA, has IF HE HASN’T DELIVERED on the promise he made to himself! In the past 6 weeks he:

  • has changed his mindset from "diet" to "lifestyle"

  • has lost 12 lbs!!!

  • has stopped eating fast food and diet soda

  • is snacking on fruits and veggies instead of processed food

  • HIS DAUGHTER HAS NOTICED HIS BELLY IS SMALLER (and is also keeping his a$$ accountable!)

  • and also, on a side, random note, raised his credit score 145 points (because "health" is not just diet and exercise)!

And he’s not doing Keto. We just figured out easy, healthy changes he could make to create a healthier LIFESTYLE, not just a temporary fix. I offered him the scaffolding and plan he needed to do that. And not just diet and exercise, but all of the things in life that we have to balance in order to be healthy. My clients learn how to form healthy habits that LAST and that it takes time and repetition, not willpower. Most people already KNOW what they need to do (eat less sugar, stop drinking soda, eat more fruits and veggies and less processed food yada, yada…) but they can’t form the habits to get them there. Or they need someone to keep them accountable Or they just really don’t know where to start or what to do. It feels too big and overwhelming Because changing your diet and creating new habits seems like a lot. But not when you work with me. There are no "fad diets" when you work with me, but you will learn how to listen to your body and pay attention to what it’s telling you (This is called Intuitive Eating). You will learn how to be aware of your hunger, body, cravings, and make intentional choices that support them. How does your body and mind FEEL when you eat a certain food? And you also learn how to switch your mindset so that it’s not all so overwhelming and you’re celebrating the small wins.

Being healthy isn't doesn't have to be hard, I can show you how. If you're ready to talk, I'm ready to listen. My first consultation is FREE, why not see if we're a good fit! Send me a message and let's get this going! Be well, Health Coach Kelly PS - Check out another client success story here:

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