The Cult of Wellness

This was a great article written in 2019 about The Cult of Wellness (Go read it: Don't Fall Prey To The Cult of Wellness). My first thought was: "Wellness is not a "cult", wellness is a destination. People are gung-ho about sharing their health and wellness knowledge/journey so that everyone can feel as good as they do (or something like that, right?)

Listen, I'm not here to make anyone do anything or force my beliefs on them. I'm here to help people who are ready and want to LEARN HOW TO BE HEALTHY for their body and mind. Plain and simple.

Now, this is an OPINION article and it focuses on people in GOOD HEALTH more than people THAT NEED HELP WITH THEIR HEALTH. And um, yeah. That's exactly correct. There's no newsflash there. People in GOOD HEALTH don't need to be doing all of the things to stay in good health. Tracking steps, calories, macros, fats, water, and sleep and, and, and...there really is no need for it. If your liver is working, why detox it? If you're pooping regularly, why perform an enema? People in good health already have it figured out, just go on doing what you're doing!

wellness works

BUT there are so many people that are struggling with their health and YES!, this alternative and wellness "stuff" does work. There are studies (and many personal experiences) to back it these claims (just as there are studies to refute these claims).

For example, can sound or energy healing help you manage different aspects of your life? Yes, I fully believe people can be supported by that. But would I put all of my "eggs in one basket" and rely solely on sound bowls to treat and heal my anxiety, no, not at all. It is, however something I could add to my regimen as "low hanging fruit" to help manage it though.

I see all of these wellness practices as ways to support my body and what it needs for that day/week/month but I don't expect miracles of healing from all of these practices. NO ONE SHOULD and that's where I think the problem lies. People expect miracles and healing over night and walking "10,000 steps" per day is not the answer. It took years of abuse to your body to get it to the place it is right now, a 7-day juice cleanse is not going to make much difference. Changing habits will.

pushing products

I get it, we are being bombarded by so many new products, programs, classes, tracking apps, and the latest trends. ("Here's a $54 rose quartz egg to shove up your hoo-ha!"). As a result, it can create anxiety and depression that you're not reaching your goals. This is the exact opposite of what you're trying to do which is to create a well-balanced, healthy self. How do you know who to trust or what to believe?

sorting through the truth

"Wellness" is a personal journey, what works for some will not work for others. And I know there is an intimidating amount of information out there. t's challenging to figure out what is true, who is honest, and what works for you. For that reason, I try to be open and transparent and fair-minded while providing both sides of the story (unless it has to do with Monsanto, then nope, lol.) I am grateful that you trust me to provide you with some wellness knowledge.

So if you think a yoni egg may be helpful in opening your sacral chakra, try it out....just don't put all of your "eggs in one basket". ;)

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