Want to see something crazy?

Are you an all-or-nothing type of person?

Like, either you have to work out for 30+ minutes or you think "What's even the point?"

I used to be that way but not anymore. I realized that small, intense "workouts" or even functional exercises (like chopping wood for the winter, I'm not kidding, where do you think I got these shoulders from?) can be just as, if not MORE beneficial than a long-hauler.

That's not to say a 30+ minute workout is bad, but sometimes the day isn't set up for that.

This was an INTENSE core and shoulder routine that got over 30K views on Instagram! I'm not sure how or why, but that's pretty big for a lady with only almost 400 followers.

Being healthy isn't about how intense or how long you do something, it's about showing up in some form every. single. day.

How are you going to show up for yourself and your health today?

Be well,

Health Coach Kelly

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