Updated: Jul 8

I get that you're doing your research (as you should)!! You're not going to sign up with any old Health Coach – they've got to be the *right* Health Coach for YOU. So I'm going to lay it out for you: here's why I'm different from the other coaches out there.

1) I’m real. You see all of these perfect health and wellness experts and that can be intimidating. I am SO far from perfect and I embrace that. I became a health coach because I struggled with my own health issues and FIGURED THEM OUT and wanted to share my knowledge with others.

2) BUT just because I’m not perfect doesn't mean I know my stuff. Not only did I study at the largest Integrative Nutrition school in the world, but I also have a LIFETIME of personal experience and I bring what I have learned through my 43 years of life to my clients. (I also have my BA from Michigan State University, go green!)

3) I am no bull-shit and will hold you accountable. If we are coming up with a plan together and I am scaffolding it for you, I expect you to follow through on your end, no excuses.

4) I won’t tell you what to eat, how much to eat or what you “can’t eat” (your body will tell you that). I help you figure out what foods BEST support your body and what ones do not. I am not a nutritionist or a doctor, but I WILL teach you how to become body and mind aware and how the food you eat plays a HUGE role in that.

Now if any of that is resonating with you right now, send me a message and we can chat asap (or text if that’s more your thing, I get that!) I've got 2 spots available on my calendar starting in July. I would love to see if we would be a good fit...

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