You don't have to be an "alcoholic" to be an alcoholic

The term "alcoholic” makes it so that no one wants to admit they are one.

"The truth is that anyone who consumes alcohol and can’t live without it is to some degree hooked on it, regardless of whether it’s a glass a week or a bottle a night.

Adding a label with a heavy stigma does nothing but keep us in a fear state about our own drinking, preventing us from being able to observe our own drinking as it shows up in our lives.

Whitaker, Holly. Quit Like a Woman (p. 82). Random House Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

And we are always comparing OUR drinking to our friend's drinking that is much worse than our own, "so I don't have a problem".

Except, when you are entrenched in a culture of drinking, of course overconsumption is the norm. No way you're an alcoholic. You can manage your drinking.....


Have you ever tried to quit?

How did that go for ya?

I'm launching a group program to support an Alcohol-Free August and if ANY of this is even slightly relatable, send me an email and we can get talking (or texting, I get it). I'll have more info in the coming weeks.

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